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Updated: 10/25/16 07:47:01 PM

If you want a playground in your backyard but don't want grass that needs to be cut, we can install a synthetic turf playground for the kids.

Updated: 10/24/16 06:32:15 AM

We can put a beautiful gazebo and fire pit in your backyard to freshen it up.

Updated: 10/23/16 10:26:10 AM

If you want artificial grass in the median strips in your subdivision, have your HOA talk to us. If you're ready to sell your house but want to update the yard, let us put in a backyard putting green.

Updated: 10/21/16 07:45:36 PM

A backyard makeover could increase the value of your home. You probably know that a backyard putting green will increase the value of your home, especially for golfers.

Updated: 10/20/16 10:55:37 PM

If you like the look of a Polynesian village, we can design one in your backyard for you.

Updated: 10/20/16 04:55:40 AM

It doesn't matter if you have a shady yard because you don't need sunshine to keep artificial grass looking great.

Updated: 10/18/16 01:39:23 PM

If you love the look of grass but hate all the work, synthetic lawn products are the way to go. You probably know that a backyard putting green will increase the value of your home, especially for golfers.

Updated: 10/16/16 10:35:53 PM

You can lower your water bills when you take out your live grass and put in fake grass.

Updated: 10/16/16 05:23:18 PM

For people who love to golf but can't always get to the golf course, an artificial putting green in their backyard is the next best thing.

Updated: 10/16/16 03:57:07 PM

A beautiful rock waterfall can make your backyard look like a tropical island. If your grass is turning yellow where your dog seems to do his business, check out the synthetic turf you can have that won't turn colors when your dog does his duty.

Updated: 10/16/16 02:50:55 PM

If you like the look of grass but you hate the maintenance, it's time to check out the styles of artificial grass we have in stock.

Updated: 10/16/16 01:03:34 PM

You might be surprised at how many people put synthetic turf in their basement instead of carpet. Apartment building supervisors and condo owners recommend artificial turf for their residents.

Updated: 10/16/16 11:21:58 AM

You'll be surprised at how beautiful your yard can look, without the hassle of cutting grass.

Updated: 10/16/16 10:11:38 AM

The artificial turf of today looks nothing like the ugly fake grass of years ago.

Updated: 10/16/16 09:09:53 AM

Landscaping your backyard can make your house feel brand new.

Updated: 10/16/16 07:29:25 AM

If you've always wanted to play better golf, practicing putting is the way to do it. When it's time to improve your golf game, it's time to put a backyard putting green in.

Updated: 10/16/16 05:43:36 AM

If you're looking for a maintenance free way to have a beautiful lawn, check out our synthetic grass styles.

Updated: 10/16/16 04:13:12 AM

Many people are realizing that the water waste that comes with real grass is not worth it.

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